Christmas Gift Box - Cleanser / Toner Pack


Axioma Christmas Gift Boxes have finally arrived!!

During this romantic holidays, Are you unsure of what to gift your family, friends, colleagues, your partner oryourself?

Not sure what gifts to get during gift exchanging events?

If it’s really that difficult, do try our Gift Boxes!!

During this warm holiday, Axioma have already released 3 sets of special Christmas Discount Packages:

Christmas Gift Box A : 4 facial cleansers + 1 toner

(Choose 2 out of 4, feel free to mix it as you like)

Axioma Christmas 礼盒上架啦






圣诞礼盒套组A:4种洗面奶+1支toner (5选2自由搭配)

1.Derma Activating Toner (50ml)


This serum texture toner smooths the skin and prepares it for the rest of your skincare regimen.

Help exfoliates dead skin cells and deep hydrating.

2. 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser (50ml)

2合清洁同时去除角质,有助于皮肤散发内在光泽。 使您的皮肤柔软,清爽和恢复活力,细致光滑和容光焕发。

A skin milk that removes make-up, gently cleanses, exfoliates and removes deep-set impurities in one simple step.

Softens, refreshes and revives your skin leaving it unbelievably smooth and radiant.

3. Gentle Milk Cleanser (50ml)


This gentle, non-lather moisturizing cleansing milk has been formulated to cleanse even very sensitive, dry or normal-to-dry skin types and may also be used for the removal of light facial makeup. Jojoba Oil and Sweet Almond Oil maintain the natural moisture balance.

4. Renewal Cleansing Mousse (50ml)


It simultaneously cleanses skin and renews the pH function of the sebum membrane. Pores are cleansed quickly and thoroughly, without causing the skin dryness, it hydrates and refreshes.

5. Soothing Cleansing Water (50ml

Perfect for sensitive and acne-prone skin. A deep cleanse leaving your skin genuinely clean and fresh. This super gentle formula minimizes the risk of any skin irritation.

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