LED Rejuvenate Treatment

January 24, 2018

LED Rejuvenate Treatment

Light up your complexion with LED technology for targeted skin concerns

Axioma LED masks uses the concept of Color Light Therapy (UV-free) in specific wavelengths to increase facial blood circulation and promote collagen production, skin healing and acne reduction. 利用红,黄,蓝光学原理达到刺激皮肤(表皮和真皮层)细胞效果配合4款精华为肌肤量身定造的疗程。光照射部位以臉部重要穴位為主,可充份讓臉部全部肌膚吸收光能量,讓臉部充滿光澤。

Main function:

Blue ray 藍光 

  • Prevent production of acne bacteria 抑制痤瘡桿菌
  • Anti-inflammatory 抑制出油
  • Bactericidal effect 杀菌

Yellow ray  

  • Boost absorption of skin care products 深層導入
  • Improve sensitive skin 舒緩肌膚過敏
  • Pores firming 緊致毛孔

Red ray  

  • Promote metabolism 促進代謝
  • Lifting 深層拉提
  • Regain skin elasticity 恢復彈性

This treatment improves:

  • Sagging skin 脸部肌肉松弛
  • Pigmentation/scar 黑斑,色斑
  • After laser/ skin peeling treatments' skin 受损皮肤
  • Acne/ blemishes skin 痘痘,发炎皮肤
  • Sensitive skin 敏感

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