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The Founder of Axioma - Ms Lee Ming Luen ( Haleena Lee)

"I walked a journey that gained me experience. And because of this experience, I understood the needs of the people from the same journey”.

This is the feeling of the founder of Axioma, Ms Lee. This is also the reason why the skincare products of her company can benefit the users throughout this 10 years.

Ms Lee has tried to seek solutions to many skin problems, like pimples and abscess, from doctors, but could not get an absolute solution. Fortunately, she did not give up and kept seeking various treatments for beautiful skin.

Own experience to a more beautiful self

“I wish to tell all the ladies who have the same skin problems that it can be healed. Despite being a little bit tough, but as long as you do not give up, you can find a product that suit your skin”.

After so many years of trying, Ms Lee found the ingredients that suit her skin the most, improving her skin problem. In a nutshell, Ms Lee is determined to find the most natural way to treat her skin. She is grateful of her determination which lead her to find a skincare which has zero medicinal content.

With this trust, she launched the products while learning the most suitable ways to cleanse and treat skin. Besides that, she also find time to personally serve her customers’ by doing facial treatment for them, maximizing the products’ effects. With her personal experience, she gains more understanding to the products and improvising and customizing it to treat her customers.

Insisting on strict quality control

How does Axioma gain the loyal support from its customers? The main reason is its strict quality and ingredient control. Those who have used Axioma products before should already know that our products do not contain additives. On the other hand, the products may carry its natural sourish enzyme smell. This is because our team insists not to add any fragrant essence to our products.

“Previously we supply our products to beauty centres, for them to use in their services as well as selling them as retail to their customers. Over the time, more and more customers overwhelmed us with positive feedback. Hence, we have decided to retail our products directly to our supporters”.

There are so many products in the market that contain chemical and medicinal contents. They may cause unnecessary side effects and stimulation. Therefore, we insist not to add in any additives into our products just to increase the sales.
“Using our products may need longer time to see noticeable results. Of course there are many who gave up half way as they are not as patient. However, we believe that persistence is necessary because I have gone through it myself. I understand that this kind of product is the one that can give long term and natural result”.

Sharing from the genuine heart

After so many years of determination and hard work in building up the product brand and customers’ trust, the founder is not surprised to earn the honour of receiving awards and certifications. On the other hand, she spend more time researching and developing new product range, only knowing her products being awarded on the very last minute.
“We have been so honoured to be receiving the recognition from《Lady First》for several consecutive years, also being recognized as the best product series. But I only got know about this one year after”.
The company vision is to share more great products from thorough research and development with more people, helping more ladies to achieve better skin and complexion. With determination and patience, everyone can own beautiful and flawless skin.

“I have went through it, therefore I believe. I am willing to share my trust with the ladies out there, give me and your skin another chance!”