Aroma Facial Treatment

January 24, 2018

Aroma Facial Treatment

Calm your skin and soul from inside out

Main function:

  • Purifying, Detoxifying 净化,消炎
  • Whitening, Brightening 亮白肤色
  • Balancing, Dehydrated 平衡,补水
  • Calming, Improve Redness 镇定,改善红肿
  • Relaxing & Peace of Mind 身心放松

This treatment improves:

  • Uneven skin tone, pigmentation 色素不均勻, 斑点
  • Facial flaws, Clogged pores 瑕疵, 毛孔阻塞
  • Fine lines, Scars 細紋, 痘疤
  • Acne 暗疮

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