D’toxify Facial Treatment

January 24, 2018

D’toxify Facial Treatment

Maintain healthy skin by removing toxins and facial massage

This high performance manual + white D’toxifying Massage Cream improve lymphatic drainage, refines, lifts and improve skin texture. 独特按摩手法结合按摩精华霜达到舒缓身心和淋巴排毒的功效让皮肤温和有效地排毒。

Main function:

  • Lifting‧Detoxifying 紧致‧排毒
  • Brightening‧Radiant 透亮‧白皙 美白
  • Lighten scar and pigmentation 淡化色素及斑點
  • Water retention remedies 消除水肿

This treatment improves:

  • Dull and fatigue 暗沉及疲倦
  • Dehydrated 缺水
  • Sagging 下垂及松弛
  • Uneven Tone 色素不均匀

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